Small Business & Entpreneurial
One on One Coaching

Every H&T program is fully customized to meet the individual needs of each one of our clients. Guidance in clarity & accountability is compassionately built in to your success program for life-changing results.


30 Minute Hustle Chat

Are you on the fence about working with a coach? Do you have questions about the coaching packages we offer and want to know which one might be the right fit for you?  Schedule a free hustle chat with us today.  Did you know that hiring a coach can actually save you money? Despite the upfront investment, you are saving weeks, months and years of time on lack of clarity and implementation of needed change. Book a Hustle chat today!

The Start Up Sizzle

The Start-Up Sizzle package with India is the ultimate success package for the entrepreneurial dreamers and creatives who are finally ready to take the leap and enjoy the freedom of being her own boss. 

What we'll accomplish....
* We will clarify your business vision and create a multi-step plan to Your official launch.
*We will establish and refine your brand while creating your pitch and business story.
* We will clearly differentiate your business so that you stand out in your industry.
* We will pinpoint additional year-round revenue streams and explore passive income options so that you can make money while you sleep.

Grow Your Biz (like an H&T boss)

The Grow Your Biz program with India is the Start Up Sizzle package on four shots of espresso.  We take a long hard look at where you started, how far you've come and how much further you'd like to go.  




Not sure what program is right for you?  We customize all of our programs based on your needs. Schedule a 30 minute hustle call or send us an email inquiry to get started today!