Shop Local- Martha's Vineyard & Cape Cod

Hustle & Thrive Company was born out of my passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to help keep small local merchant doors open.  When we shop local, we strengthen our local communities and create opportunities for future generations. Our Main Streets are not just on Main Street.  Local jelly and jam makers, the neighbor who sells jewelry at craft fairs and little girls I know like Zoe Tucker of Zoe's Bath Bomb Shop who make and sell pretty packaged bath bombs with the help of her supportive entrepreneurial mama, are all vital components of strong local economies.

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Youth entrepreneurship is more important than ever as online giants compete for local dollars.  We've got to start these little geniuses early! The skills that the process of the youth entrepreneurship journey teaches are invaluable to children in all aspects of life, not just in business.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing a couple of kiddos running a lemonade stand in the middle of July. That's really what it's all about. 

Living on Martha's Vineyard, a small community filled with many artists and artisans, shopping local couldn't be more important to the people who live here.  A quick ferry ride away is a much larger Cape Cod filled with beautiful small towns layered with Main Streets and the smell of the freedoms of small business ownership.   

Do you try to shop local whenever you can?  Here are a couple of Facebook covers for your profile.  Show your friends it's important to you too!


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