Sorry We're Closed

Sorry we're closed.  It's what you see as you walk the streets of Martha's Vineyard.  It's what you'll hear if you call up one of your favorite restaurants for dinner reservations for a table for two. As a consumer and year-round Island resident in January, seeing these words when you walk up to the door can be a real drag.  Living in a seasonal resort community through four seasons can take some getting used to if you're new to the area.  But even those of us who grew up in this environment have to get creative with local resources, plan travel excursions and adjust family life to avoid seasonal boredom and ending up like Jack with "The Shining" syndrome.

If you live in a resort community, how do you mix things up in the off season so that you aren't going through in-season withdrawals?  Or do you look forward to the quiet and tranquility and re-connecting with family and friends when things are less busy?

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What keeps you busy during the off-season?  Are you working on your business?  Making travel plans?  Conquering personal goals?  Whatever you're doing, don't end up like Jack.

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