The Importance of Coffee

The importance of coffee? Coffee Lovers everywhere are probably looking at me with some side eye thinking “no, let me tell you the importance of coffee”. And I get it. I own a Nespresso machine after trading in my long-time Keurig. I even bought clear glass mugs to make sure I could visually experience all of the creamy Nespresso layers while I drank my coffee. Call me a coffee snob and I will toast my clear coffee mug to your criticism, because coffee runs deep through my veins and I’m not even a bit sorry about that.

One of Hustle & Thrive’s coffee  tee shirt designs .

One of Hustle & Thrive’s coffee tee shirt designs.

Outside of the pure enjoyment of drinking one’s cup of Joe, is the infamous “coffee meeting”. Coffee meetings are so important that many businesses depend on them to network, build relationships and to turn proposals and ideas into transactions. Coffee meetings often involve the purchase of a cup of coffee or latte…..but heck, even tea drinkers and dedicated gym-going water drinkers participate in coffee meetings without coffee. The symbolism and the scheduling of a coffee meeting (with or without the consumption of coffee) on your Google calendar is important because it means that you are committed to something. And that’s really important.

  • A coffee meeting with an old friend that you haven’t seen all year means you are rebuilding/rekindling a relationship that needs nurturing.

  • A coffee meeting with a potential new business client means that you are taking business seriously and you are hustling to grow your reputation, brand and bank account.

  • A coffee meeting with a colleague or future collaborator means that you have set time aside to focus on ideas and issues that are important to you with the intent to implement meaningful impact.

  • A coffee meeting with a current customer/client means that growth, progress and evolution are on your coffee agenda.

  • A coffee meeting with a mentor, educator or a friendly referral of someone that someone else felt “you had to meet/connect with” means that you are potentially surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you. And what a smart thing that is for you to do!

One of my favorite Martha’s Vineyard Coffee Shops is  Nat’s Nook Cafe  in Vineyard Haven. Great coffee and a great atmosphere for a productive and enjoyable coffee meeting.

One of my favorite Martha’s Vineyard Coffee Shops is Nat’s Nook Cafe in Vineyard Haven. Great coffee and a great atmosphere for a productive and enjoyable coffee meeting.

As you can see, the importance of coffee extends far beyond the Arabica bean and our desire for caffeine. I’d also like to note that coffee meetings should be meaningful and have a purpose. They should not be used as a time filler or distraction from an important focus. It’s okay to say NO to a coffee meeting too.

I hope that you have some important coffee meetings set up for 2019. And if you don’t, what are you waiting for? #2019Goals

Want to have coffee with me? Let’s do it! You know it’s kind of my thing.

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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday falls on November 24th this year and we are offering a 50% off special that you can’t afford to miss out on! Book anytime on Saturday 11/24 and receive your savings to book your session at a later date. (Strategy sessions will not take place on 11/24, just the purchase for a future session)

Strategy session to take place on Martha’s Vineyard unless otherwise arranged.

If you have any questions at all, never hestiate to ask or just touch base to say hello!

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This Summer On Martha's Vineyard

It's mid August and we are in the throws of "The Week" on Martha's Vineyard.  The week where Illumination Night, The Agricultural Fair and the Annual Oak Bluffs Fireworks Celebration all take place in a matter of a few days.  Traffic is heavy, our 44th President and First Lady Mr. & Mrs. Obama are here on vacation, along with lots of other well known celebrities getting their Vineyard fix.  Bill Murray and Peter Simon gave us some media drama and excitement after some shenanigans at Lola's Restaurant in Oak Bluffs last week. And most of the Island's local business owners are hoping to retain what summer staff they have left, while they strive to make big sales through Labor Day to help them get through a New England winter.

on July 27th Hustle & Thrive Company and NAMIC New England had another wonderful and successful event with the 2nd Annual Evening of Entrepreneurship & Media event held at The Crossroads Gallery.  We had a dynamic panel of women that brought a truck load of entrepreneurial education, raw emotion and shared journeys that inspired the crowd. Catered by the fabulous Cardboard Box with wine sponsored by Jim's Package Store, both located in Oak Bluffs, our evening was complete. New friends and connections were made and it was an amazing way to head into a busy August.

As a year-round Island resident, I was also proud to have played a small role in i-Fashion Magazine's Summer Fashion Show at the Harbor View Hotel by helping to include our local business community in their event.  It was a beautiful afternoon on the porch overlooking the Edgartown lighthouse, showcasing  Lloyd Crawford's L'Antonio Resort Wear line, accompanied by Dr. Laura Quiros my amazing friend and Diversity and Inclusion business partner.  Local models and vendors participated in the day's festivities and everything and absolutely everyone was so beautiful.

Both of these events fell during Legacy Week On The Vineyard.  Founded by my good friend Sheryl Wesley, Legacy Week highlights HBCU's, school pride and their alumni through various events across the Island.  And if you are part of the Black Travel Movement's HUGE Facebook following, you already know that they plan to include the Vineyard in their travels July 20th-27th 2019 to coincide with next year's Legacy Week activities.  Don't be surprised if Island hotels and rental homes start to fill up before THIS summer even comes to an end!

I may have had some of the most fun during Legacy Week at this Wakanda/Black Panther Movie themed kid's party.  Who had more fun, me or the kiddos?  I already know the answer and there's no shame in my Wakanda game! (M'Baku did not show up though, damn it)

There's still a little bit of summer left to enjoy all that the Island brings us, so I plan on enjoying every moment left before my favorite season (Fall) is upon us.  Then it's all about football, hoodie sweatshirts and pumpkin spice after that.

What's your favorite thing about Martha's Vineyard in the summer?

As always, if I can ever be of any help to you and your business,
don't hesitate to reach out!


You Cannot Win Without Hustling

I'm a big fan of Evan Carmichael.  He delivers genuine, authentic and relevant information for entrepreneurs that is inspirational, motivational and thought provoking.  His YouTube following is growing by the masses everyday and for good reason.  As a straight hustler, I love this week's video.  It resonates with me and it is great advice for my clients and all of you.  And what better way to start your day on the first official day of spring, then with a little hustling motivation? 

There may be people way ahead of you in your field and craft, but if you hustle harder and work smart you can surpass them all.  

One of the biggest mistakes that I see with businesses on Martha's Vineyard is complacency and resistance to change.  Staying ahead of the curve, being a trend setter and differentiation is a  must. Everyday we see big box stores closing.  And although sad to see (RIP Toys R' Us) this opens the door to Main Street businesses everywhere that differentiate themselves and provide stellar customer experiences.  As THE Martha's Vineyard Business Coach, I help small business owners who want to get ahead and be successful, every damn day. 

Where is one area in your business that you could be hustling harder to get ahead?

If you need help launching or growing your business, reach out to me today.

Get Your Hustle On.

Boss Lady Products In The House!

I am in love with the products that we are carrying!  We have an entire line of sassy and motivational tees currently in print, so keep an eye out for those being added to the shop soon.  It is important to me that we carry feel good products that exude strength, style and a feminine flair. We'll be doing pop ups shops on the regular soon and will keep you posted on the times and locations as they're scheduled!  For now, take a  look and get your Hustle Shop on! 

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Coming Soon to The Hustle Shop!

I'm excited to share with you a couple of the designs that will be showing up in The Hustle Shop! Each week you will see The Shop filled with inspirational, stylish and educational products and services.  Which of these two is your favorite?

Got a Haters Fan Base?  I know I do! Tell them to make sure they spell your name right and then send them on their way to keep them moving!

Got a Haters Fan Base?  I know I do! Tell them to make sure they spell your name right and then send them on their way to keep them moving!

Do you hustle with caffeine?  Do you turn coffee meetings into income?  However you function, make sure you are turning that coffee into money by the end of the day!

Do you hustle with caffeine?  Do you turn coffee meetings into income?  However you function, make sure you are turning that coffee into money by the end of the day!

Need help expanding your Haters Fan Base?  Reach out to me today for a free coaching consult! 

Hustle & Thrive Company Launches!

Happy 2018 Folks! We're so thrilled that we've officially launched and we can't wait to share what's to come! So who are we and what do we do?  We are a consulting firm that specializes in small business, career, relationship and life coaching.  We're also a lifestyle brand that seeks to educate, empower and inspire women and girls.  In the coming weeks and months you will see The Hustle Shop growing with digital products along with wearable gear and functional home goods that motivate and inspire the entrepreneurial woman's mind and spirit.  We consider it our own little success shop with a preppy flair.

We (India and Dawn) will have lots of events and workshops on the calendar for 2018, so check back often and make sure that you subscribe to our email list (we respect your privacy and promise to only email you awesome and useful tidbits) so that you never miss a beat. 

In addition to changing the lives of our clients, we are always looking for ways to collaborate and support small business, so please never hesitate to reach out to us with ideas on how we might work together! 

Happy New Year from Hustle & Thrive Company!

India & Dawn