Career Transition, Customer Service Training & Goal Setting

life pulls us in so many directions and we often need to sit back and regroup.  Do you feel stuck in a job and feel as though you are just going through the motions?  Do you feel like you aren't qualified to do anything else?  Do you lack confidence in pursuing your interests and passions?  Are you an employer in need of employee customer service training?

You are in the right place.


H&T Thriving Dream Job

The Thriving Dream Job program with India will prepare you for your next big gig.  We will create a rock star resume with skilled interview preparation, goal setting with a full skill set and strengths analysis.  We will also explore workplace etiquette, customer service and professional body language.  This program won't only put you at the forefront of the competitive job market, but will prepare you for a future promotion.

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Employee Customer Service Training

Every business should put great customer service at the top of their list!  Don't let unskilled and lackluster employees destroy your business and online reviews. H&T's Customer Service Training program is available to businesses of all sizes.  Whether you have one or two employees or thirty, our training fee is per person and our program is designed to be around 2 hours.  we require student participation as part of completion.

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Goal Setting & Organization

This is a three step program.  First, we will identify personal and/or career goals and barriers. Second, we will form a strategy and map out how to accomplish those goals. Third, we will organize your plan, cleanse the negativity and move on to implementation. 

feel a sense of accomplishment and clarity that you've never felt before.
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