How To Find The Right Coach For You

Everyone needs help finding direction at some point.  Getting stuck can feel confusing, overwhelming and uncomfortable. Even when we're excited about a new venture, we rely on the help of a coach to create and conquer a plan.  The best coach you can hire is the one that you trust to actually help you. Here are a three (3) things to consider when you are looking to hire a coach. 


Find a coach that specializes in what you need

There are so many areas of expertise, you really want to make sure that you work with a coach that can actually help you.  Does your potential coach have the intellectual competence and emotional intelligence to listen, engage and customize a plan to meet your needs? 

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Make sure you have chemistry with the coach

How did the potential coach make you feel after your first conversation?  Did you feel challenged, intrigued and inspired?  Did you feel excited about change?  You need a coach that you feel you can open up to and trust.  It's only worth the investment if you feel comfortable enough to be yourself and share vulnerabilities.  Follow your heart and intuition.


Ask your coach about her passions, struggles and coaching background

Ask your coach what lead them to coaching.  What is she passionate about?  What struggles led them to want to help others?  The answers to these questions will give you great insight and inspiration into how you can strategically overcome your own obstacles.