Martha's Vineyard Public Relations

We work behind the scenes to put you in the spotlight.  Let our boutique Public relations company hustle to make you newsworthy, prevent unnecessary attention, heighten your exposure and help you build your brand as we communicate your excellence to key audiences. 

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Making You Newsworthy

at H&T we create messages that make people take notice.  Hiring a publicist to put you in front of the right target audience saves you a great deal of time so you can continue working on your brand and business while we take care of everything behind the scenes.  Let us write your press releases, create your media kits, handle the bookings of speaking arrangements, philanthropy efforts, conferences with access across all media outlets.  We  work closely with clients to develop specific measurable goals to ensure you get the most from your PR investment. bringing your brand to the level it belongs.

Our communication style is direct and concise. we create business stories and messaging of brand relevance and interest to the masses.